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“We have redesigned this page and prepared numerous articles to be published every week over the year. Please look forward to seminar recordings that have not yet been published, a manuscript of a non-published book, questions and answers and much more exciting material.”

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Audio Tipp from Malcolm

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A course on emotional management – part 6

By this time you will have created a big emotional situation of love, self-respect and freedom to fulfil their potential for happiness. Now we need to move out of this situation, so change the tone of what is being said to a lighter level: ‘Ask your little girl if you take her shopping what little gift would she like you to buy her?’ After a few moments of silence, they usually smile and say Continue reading

A course in emotional management – part 5

Now you need to move your position. Emotion is stored, for want of a better word, in the solar plexus area of the body. Move to the right side of the client and put your right hand over that area of the client – no need to touch. The energy from your right hand being electric, a force will move the emotional energy upwards. This is where the panic attacks have been coming from. You will not be inducing panic as you release the trauma, unless the trauma was truly horrific. But there is a way to deal with this to reduce the emotion, as I will explain later. Continue reading