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Quotes by Malcolm,
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Spiritual Growth

Many years ago, I chanced upon some laws or rules that are intended to help us understand the traumas and difficulties of life.  I don’t recall where I read these lessons, except that they came out of India and, at the time, I was reading books written in the late 19th century, though the information was centuries older than that. They were most likely Continue reading

Question about intrusive energy

I meditate to know why I always feel stressed when I wake up. I saw the grey body of a person I know – he’s someone I had to work with. I used to avoid him, because he always gave me his problems and I couldn’t protect myself. Continue reading

Question about colours


I have a question concerning the colours which you have seen with someone who has died. You said he was first completely surrounded with lilac; with red and green mixed with lilac. Please, what colours exist and what do they mean? Continue reading

Questions you might ask of yourself when this life has finished.

Questions you might ask of yourself when this life has finished.Malcolm_Southwood_3a

Have you ever had moments when you have looked back on your life and asked; ‘have I learned or gained emotionally or spiritually from the life I’m living?’

This question becomes even more poignant once life is finished and you realise it was perhaps a wasted opportunity, an opportunity to Continue reading

Self Healing

I have received many mails and phone calls in the past two months, asking for help with a Malcolm_Southwood_4variety of debilitating illnesses. So, I thought it would help if I explained what I do if I need extra energy or to free the body of energy that is causing problems. Continue reading

Levels of perception

Have you ever noticed how people who have no awareness for spiritual sight, who lack the Malcolm_Southwood_educubeability to see auras, energy around people, or unable to feel, hear and communicate with those who have died, ridicule those who can, Continue reading