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Food for Thought – November 2014

Contagious Emotions:

Those of you who follow my writings will know that – again and again – I stress the
importance of emotional control; not only for spiritual development, but also to remain
free of the problems that other people’s emotions cause. We hear a lot about the spread of
infectious disease and its control through antibiotic medication, Continue reading

Food for thought – April 2014

Since I was a little boy, I have prayed for nothing except wisdom. Even as a child, I just wanted to have wisdom. As I grew older, the thought left me but then, as children, we are more in touch with our soul energy than we are as emotional adults. So the question has to be ‘what is wisdom’?

There is logic, there is emotion, and there is wisdom. Why are they separate and why should they be at different levels of awareness? To answer this we need to go far back into time, before religion took from us the responsibility for knowing who we are. I need to take you back to the time of the first Egyptian civilisations. A time when there were masters on the earth who were guiding and teaching the infant beings away from pure instinct which is found in the animal kingdom into a new order of understanding of love and intellectual growth.

In this time there were no books as we understand them, and all instructions were handed down by word of mouth and drawings. But the masters did not want all the secrets of the spiritual world to be given before the correct time, and so they drew their secrets in code that would be understood by the masters who followed them, and so the teaching could continue. This system of coding the information into symbols is still used and understood though only by the few who need to continue the advancement of civilisation for entry into a higher level of awareness.

Evolution of the soul passes through many stages; those of immediate interest to the advancing spirit begin with instinct, move to emotion through logic, and onto wisdom. We are moving from the area of emotion and logic to the need to understand the greater mysteries of awareness. The codes or symbols used had to be as drawings. It was not until much later that the secrets were coded into writings and many of the secrets were lost in the translation from symbols to writing.

Having almost passed out of the stage of the energy of instinct, though it does still remain in our deeper consciousness, we have been given the task of becoming masters of emotion.
It is here that I must explain that – in this world of cause and effect – everything is solid and converted back to energy to be re-formed again as solids. In the next level of awareness which proceeds life on earth, the energy is fluid and we cause the fluids to take a solid structure with the energy of imagination. The way this is achieved is too complex for this short paper, but know that, in order to achieve this, we have to combine energy and imagination. If we have not learned how to manage the energy of emotion, we cannot proceed to the next creative level and continue to be reborn. If you are to create a structure using energy, you have to know how to use energy, and emotion is energy. So we are given emotions to play with and – only when we have become fully conversant with all the colours, shapes, sounds etc. of the many emotions – are we set free of this logical world to create in the next level of awareness. Briefly; it is like giving a child a box of chalks, each colour representing an emotion and asking them to create a picture. It will be several months before eventually more colour is on the paper than on the child.

We are given emotions and asked to manage them to the advantage of others; it takes many lifetimes before this is successfully achieved. How are you going to paint a beautiful picture or write music without the use of the lower or black colours? So, during one of our many lives we are going to experience hate which, of course, is black and needs to be understood and controlled. The same principle applies to every emotion and its corresponding colour.

Now to the point of my thinking; for those who have come to a point where they are in reasonable control of their emotions they can begin to use the imagination of awareness (I wrote a paper on this some months ago). The difference between logic and wisdom is that logic is what you learn, wisdom is what you become. If someone should ask ‘where do you find your wisdom’, the answer is: ‘I am my wisdom’.

When we have experienced all the basic colours and emotions and learned how to use them to the advantage of others, we move to higher levels of learning. It is then that we are introduced to colours and emotions beyond earthly experience or understanding. If you are struggling with an emotion, take it as an opportunity to learn from it, understand it, know how it feels, what it looks like, how it can be used to advantage and not negatively. Learn to be outside the emotion, and not controlled through it.

The human mind, spirit, is so much greater than the physical form through which it is, at this stage in its evolution it has awareness.

My next FFT will follow this with the true secret of the pyramids and where to find their wisdom.

Food for thought – March 2014

Overcoming Self-Imposed Restrictions.

Our imagination is incredibly strong, and to a large extent it determines our health and happiness. ‘Nothing new in that’ I hear you think, so why do so many people continue to live in a world of negative thinking? You only have to listen to people’s conversations and look at their body language, to know that their basic thoughts are negative. Thoughts such as Continue reading

Food for thought – January 2014

January 2014 Food for Thought

By now most of you will have realised that I provoke thought with these monthly writings.

It’s not important if you Continue reading

Dream about caring love, Dream of a sparrow

Question 1:
Some time ago, I had a dream I have not forgotten. We were traveling, and as I looked down on myself, I had 3 “X’s” over my left breast. What could it have meant?

Question 2:
I had a dream and would like to know what it means: I opened my window, and a sparrow flew directly into my room and onto my index finger. And he held on tight with his claws. Continue reading

Looking for a partner

I have been alone since my husband left me, and I am desperate to find someone to share my life and emotions with, someone of similar energy. I wonder what I am doing wrong, it is so difficult to attract the right man and when I do meet someone, they are not really interested in sharing, just taking. Do you have any advice?

This is never an easy situation for anyone who is alone and very much wants a partner. Continue reading

Emotions, sadness, self-pity

Thank you so much for your big help today. Coming home, many tears came up and quite a few moments came back into memory, when I remembered things people had said and done to me. In listening to what you have told me today, I have to ask if emotion is in reality an ego theme; sadness in reality self-pity? If this is so, why does it hurt? Is getting angry and being impatient also an ego thing?

You are a little too hard on yourself. It’s really not important what others say or do. It’s what you believe about yourself that is important. You can only ever really know yourself and your own shadows. Continue reading

Question about killing, Question about negative energy

I have been reading your book “Teach me how to Love”, which I really like. In chapter 6, you explain to Chrissie that it depends on your thoughts whether it is right to kill or not. I hardly can kill anything, neither a cat, nor a fly, nor a spider. Most people kill flies without thinking. A farmer kills snails because they would eat his vegetables; is a human life more important than the life of a fly? Would you kill a fly because it annoys you, and would you do the same to a cat? Continue reading

Question on angels

What’s your opinion on angels?
I keep reading different things about angels and archangels. In which level are they at “home”, and can we ask them for help? Sometimes I have a bit of a problem believing in them, since they were part of my childhood like Little Baby Jesus and the Easter Bunny: Whenever I did something “bad”, I was told my guardian angel would end up crying. Continue reading

Question on suicide

A question on suicide:

You once told us during a lecture that, when someone has committed suicide, the person will stay in a grey place for as long as the earthly life would have lasted.
1. But what happens if someone rejects life-prolonging therapies? Is it wrong from a spiritual standpoint to choose death when modern science could save that life?
2. What do you think about euthanasia with regards to very ill people? Continue reading