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Food for thought – May 2015

Self Healing

I have received many mails and phone calls in the past two months, asking for help with a variety of debilitating illnesses. So, I thought it would help if I explained what I do if I need extra energy or to free the body of energy that is causing problems. Continue reading

Food for thought – Febuary 2015

Levels of Perception

Have you ever noticed how people who have no awareness for spiritual sight, who lack the ability to see auras, energy around people, or unable to feel, hear and communicate with those who have died, ridicule those who can, saying it is all imagination or simply exhibitionism to attract attention? Then they will expect the blind to believe them when they describe the beauty of a sunset, and expect the deaf to believe that there is music in the sound of a stream rippling across stones, as it makes its way to another world. It’s incredible how many people – especially the science- or medically-orientated community – are unable to accept that others might have a perception they lack, while expecting others who lack their perceptions to believe them.

This, of course, is arrogance based on ‘if I don’t have a level of perception you claim to have, it can’t exist and you only imagine it.’

I could list some very famous names that are typical of this mentality. They conveniently forget that it was not so long ago that scientists ridiculed the idea that there were such things as bacteria and viruses which, though invisible to the naked eye, are responsible for disease and many of life’s wonders and problems. It is the same mentality of superiority that ridicules those of us who are aware – through higher perceptions of sound, light, touch and smell – of life and awareness beyond that which is normally seen. Those who scoff at another’s higher perception are as sightless as the blind in the world of the spiritual sighted. As the world and its people evolve to become aware of higher levels of perception, more and more people will come to experience a more vibrant level of existence. It is such people who will guide the spiritually blind along a path they are yet to experience.

I believe that the next big medical breakthrough, one equal to the recognition of the world of bacteria and viruses, will be realising that energies between people are just as likely to cause breakdowns in health, physical and emotional, as bacterial infections do. I believe that a breakthrough in cancers and other life-threatening conditions will only come when medical science realises the influence radiating energies have on our life systems. Negative types and those open to suggestion are very susceptible to the radiating negative or disharmonious energies of others. Our mind is always open to the radiating energy of those around us, and anyone tending to be negative or in a vulnerable state will more easily be affected by the energy of another’s ill health than the positive. All healers know they can feel the pain being radiated by another, but what of illness that is not causing pain at that moment? The energy is still affecting the people who are in its sphere of influence. Because you do not experience another’s pain or are aware of it does not mean you are unaffected by it. There is not a disease or condition affecting the body’s physical or emotional balance from which the negative are protected. The more negative you are, the more easily you are affected. Negative energy is magnetic. It pulls to itself the energy of others, and it does not distinguish between good and bad. The very positive have a power or force which is non-magnetic, but protective. We all know that the negative drain us and the positive cause us to feel good, but no energy is without influence on the one to which it is attracted.

Love thoughts heal, thoughts of anger hurt, though the effect is first felt by the originator of the thought. Be aware of what you are thinking and its influence, first on yourself and then on others. Be aware of any harmful negative thoughts that you are inviting into your life.

Stay positive and happy, these are the most powerful of all energies.

Healing Thoughts

Diagnosis of a terminal illness such as cancer is always a shock, and dealing with the problem needs more than medical intervention such as surgery and drugs. This really is a time for total body, mind and spirit interaction. Continue reading

Eveningtalk 09.08.2011

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Newsletter December 2014

We are coming to the end of another year in the cyclic journey of both the planet we live on and our own lives. The end of December is the end of a year but the end is the beginning. Continue reading