A course in emotional management – part 2


Pain also can be the result of fear and guilt from earlier days. A 30-year-old man came to see me with chronic back ache. He had had all the various medical treatments and physiotherapy, but still the pain continued. It was always worse during the night, or so it seemed.A point worth noting here is that often, when the pain is worse during the night, the cause is likely to be emotional. While you are relaxing, the pain should be less and become worse during the day, when you are tensing the muscles with movement. During the night, you enter a deep relaxed state and the logical mind switches off, allowing the subconscious to surface and take over. The subconscious will then bring into the sleeping mind any trauma that is close to the surface of your thoughts, and your body will react to the thoughts flowing through your sleeping mind. Your back pain was caused by

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