Knowledge through giving

As I look about me and see the contentment and peace found within the animal kingdom I am filled with wonder. The animals which have so little of knowledge, power or possessions are filled with contentment. They worry not for tomorrow, they care not for what they have not and are totally at peace with their needs satisfied.
I then look at the kingdom of man and I am Continue reading

Kundalini Energie

Many of you may not have heard of Kundalini energy. It is literally the supposed power or force which moves in a wave form through the universe. It is the universal life principle through nature which means it exists through all that is. The force of magnetic attraction and electric repulsion are drawn from it. It is the force that keeps all in balance through the adjustment of opposites.
It is this force which makes it possible for a spirit to descend from the highest levels of light and become one with the emotional forces of opposites in the lower astral world and from there to human existence. Nothing exists without it.
Because of its power to keep all in balance it is a main principle of life and awareness as we understand it. It flows through the skeleton rising up through the spine to the head giving us balance and power to overcome gravitational forces. In balance it is an electro-magnetic force.
It is symbolized in Hindu mythology Continue reading