1 – Du sollst neben mir keinen weiteren Gott haben

The strangers called us savages because we worshiped the sun, the moon, the grass the trees, The wind that sighs and the earth which breaths.
The strangers called us savages because of our contentment which was beyond the understanding of their intellectual minds. Because we had no need of dress, great houses, vast wealth or immense power, the strangers called us savages.
The strangers said to worship one God as they did themselves, but they were false for though the first of their laws said, ‘Thou shalt Have No other God But Me’ they worshiped power and wealth above any God while we, the ones they called savages, worshiped only one God. A God whose love caused all to be. A God whose breath lives on in the trees, the wind, the moon, the sky.
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2 – Erstelle von Mir kein Götzenbild

How difficult to understand were these strangers who had come from far away. They said we should not worship the trees, the flowers or the hills in which we saw our Father’s image and heard his voice. These strangers said it was wrong to pray to the beauty around us, so they cut down the might oak and humiliated it at the height of it’s glory. Continue reading

4 – Achte den Sabbat

How like children were these strangers who likened themselves to gods. They read the words of their great laws which they had learned to spell and write, but they did not understand the sentences which were deeper thoughts and because they saw only words and heard not the meaning of the thoughts they copied what they did not understand.
They saw in the words the actions of a Father who, with much Love and compassion had created a world for His family. They saw in the words that when the Father’s wondrous creation was complete He rested that He might view the Love which was of His making. When the Great Father had counseled His thoughts on His day of rest and knew He was satisfied He put His Continue reading

5 – Ehre Deinen Vater und Deine Mutter

We watched the stranger teaching their children the law which commanded that children should honour their father and their mother and we became sad in their sadness when their children turned against them. The strangers did not understand that children learn by example and when they see parents ignoring the Parent of all parents they think to do the same and so turn their faces from the parents who have given so much.
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6 – Du sollst nicht töten

Of all the great laws given to the strangers, the law, Thou Shalt Not Kill, was the one they most often ignored. This was the law they most abused, this was the law for which the time and effort put into its writing and teaching was wasted.
On every side , in every shadow of their lives these strangers delighted in killing. The wantonly destroyed the beauty which our Father gave for our pleasure. They destroyed peace and contentment wherever it was found. They annihilated innocence and love because they thought it weak but in truth they were afraid of its strength. These strangers tried to justify their killing, which they so basely enjoyed, by claiming themselves to be masters of all. They claimed the Father gave them the earth to rule but instead of protecting the beauty, the peace, and the innocence with Love as our Father had taught, they vandalised and killed in a reign of terror.
We could not rust these strangers for wherever they found that which was greater than themselves in beauty peace or Love they would kill to prove they could kill. These strangers were not a great people. A great people do not kill. A great people has learnt how to create beauty, peace and Love in the lives of others and that around it. A great people has the wisdom to know that it can only create when beauty, peace and Love are fully grown in its own heart.
These strangers could not understand that this great law was to help hem to grow, to help them to achieve immortality. A man must first plunge the dagger into his own heart before he can plunge it into the heart of another. If a man destroys beauty he is himself without beauty because he must have first have destroyed the beauty within himself to be free to kill. The strangers were too feeble to know that peace is only destroyed by those who have first destroyed the peace within themselves for they destroy only that which opposes them. The strangers were too blind to see that they could not kill Love until they were themselves without Love which would have prevented their killing.
The great Father of all demanded ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’ because He knew that death can only be born of death. That like begets like. We trembled for these strangers who each day took their own lives so they could be free to kill. They seem not to know that this great law was to help them remain distant from death.


Do not kill
for though I will always make whole again the victims of death
those whose knives drip with Love their own light are beyond my help
for they have chosen to destroy themselves.

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7 – Du sollst nicht Ehebruch begehen

The strangers, in common with ourselves, had a loathing for deserters. They had no time for any man who abdicated his responsibilities , who deserted his position of trust to leave undefended those who ha come to rely on his protection. Both the strangers and ourselves considered desertion an act of absolute weakness in a character devoid of loyalty.
But the strangers cleverness with words allowed them to sin against their own great law. ‘Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery’. They ignored the meaning of the word desertionin the word adultery and having once conquered their guilt, they came to consider desertion of their position of trust as one of little importance.
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8 – Du sollst nicht stehlen

When the strangers offered us this great law, ‘Thou Shalt Not Steal’, we thought to question them as to its meaning because this word was new to us. We had no need of possessions and knew that whatever our Father gave was given in trust for our needs and that He would take back what He had given when our need was no more.
The strangers could not answer our question, because they had taken it upon themselves to have for themselves what had been put into their trust for the benefit of others. They thought this great law was for the protection of that which they called their own. So we made the law our own for we saw its greatness.
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9 – Du sollst nicht falsch gegen Deinen Nächsten aussagen

It was not given to our way of life to be greater than our neighbour. We had no reason to have, to do or to be what another was not. It had always been taught that only God is perfect and His beauty and His gifts were measured by the stars in the sky, even unto those we cannot see. It was our law that God had wanted His children to have the gifts to create even as He could create but knowing that man was but a child the Father would not burden any of them with more than a single gift. The Father gave to every man and woman a separate gift which they were to value and cause to grow and in time they would come to share their gifts and learn to create.
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10 – Du sollst nicht begehren

We knew the meaning of the word ‘shame’ and it set us apart from the strangers. The truth of this word was given us at an early age so we would grow to feel uncomfortable should our hearts ever yearn for that which was not our own or if we should have thoughts to keep to ourselves that for which we had no need.
The emotion of shame came upon us whenever we longed for that which was the property of another. When we knew we were longing for that which we had no need, shame would descend like a mist to blur our peace. It caused us Continue reading