Dream of an unfamiliar place

I had a dream of an unfamiliar place. I was in some rather wide space (I don’t remember this part that well) and a certain strong force wanted to get me (and others) to move from there to another, unfamiliar new place. I resisted this and managed to hide and avoid meeting the force, Continue reading

Coat of emotion

This morning I had the following experience: After waking up, it suddenly felt like I needed to be free of a coat of emotion that was around me. My body shook, and I felt the need to peel off the emotion. Continue reading

Ghost of grandfather

Some years ago I had an experience; I felt a very strong presence. This, I call it ghost, touched me. This frightened me very much and it still preys on my mind. In searching for an answer, I saw different mediumistic counsellors. Continue reading

Letting go

I feel trapped in my current job. I tried repeatedly to change to another situation, but find this difficult to do. Something is in my way. Continue reading

Dream of a theft

My wife has had a dream of a theft that is worrying her. Can you tell us, please, what it means? My wife had a dream about women we know stealing her coat and purse/money, while my wife was trying on clothing at a retail store where the friend was working. Another woman’s face, who we know, replaced the first one at times as well. What should we do?

Your wife’s dream has four points of reference, Continue reading

Dream about vomitting

I had a dream about vomitting. I dreamt I saw myself in the background on the left side, not too tall. I was standing there and threw up yellow vomit onto the floor. I also know how I had a lovely chat with the lady who employed me for the current job. What does it mean?

It would seem you have a deep fear of something Continue reading

Jealousy of his child

My partner has dropped into despair and distanced himself from me since our baby was born. He won’t let me near him and is full of anger and seems to resent the baby. Continue reading


When I was a child I walked as a child, I saw as a child and I talked as a child but when I became full grown I put away childish things. I doubted that which as a child I knew to be true for faith is the thought of a child.

Faith is knowing today’s Love will Continue reading


Like some creeping plant fear breaks from ist seed in the dark and quickly begins to unfold itslf around the body of the spirit. As it moves relentless upwards it takes strength from the body which gives it life. The spirit within can sense that something is wrong as it tries to dismiss the warnings as unfounded.
Day by day it continues to grow, ever upwards and out. In the beginning it is easy to Continue reading