Emotional causes of health disorders

I realise that others have written extensively on the various emotional causes behind common health problems such as Parkinson’s disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and other life-changing health disorders. However, I am repeatedly asked to give my views and experiences on the many health conditions I am asked to treat, and so – knowing that there can be many reasons why someone is suffering – I will outline my own views, based on personal experience. Continue reading

Pain in the shoulder


Two to three months ago I started to have pain in the shoulder. At first, I thought it was arthrosis, then it seemed more like the rotator cuff, finally I realized it was a pain going from my shoulder to my elbow and would hurt whenever I reached out with that arm. Continue reading

Emotions, muscles, joints – part 3

Emotions have an influence on muscles or joints. Falls, and the fears they implant, are a common cause of joint and muscle complaints. It is the remaining fear rather than the accident itself that is causing the problem.

Falling: Backward

I am often asked to treat clients who have fallen backwards and hurt their backs. During a fall, fear is registered in the subconscious mind, impressing the memory to Continue reading