Self Healing

I have received many mails and phone calls in the past two months, asking for help with a Malcolm_Southwood_4variety of debilitating illnesses. So, I thought it would help if I explained what I do if I need extra energy or to free the body of energy that is causing problems. Continue reading

Question about killing

I have been reading your book “Teach me how to Love”, which I really like. In chapter 6, you explain to Chrissie that it depends on your thoughts whether it is right to kill or not. I hardly can kill anything, neither a cat, nor a fly, nor a spider. Most people kill flies without thinking. A farmer kills snails because they would eat his vegetables; is a human life more important than the life of a fly? Would you kill a fly because it annoys you, and would you do the same to a cat?

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I think we are the only animal on the planet with a ‘must’ or ‘have to’ mentality.
Have you ever stopped to think how often you use this ‘m’ word? We are continually telling the children that they ‘must’ do this or that or that they ‘have to’. It is common to tell employees that they must or have to; teachers use it all the time. It’s a common theme in our lives.
But this is not the best way to achieve the end result. I know that when someone tells me that I have to or I must, Continue reading

Near death experience

In my last writing I promised to say something about the white tunnel that is so often mentioned by people who have had a near death experience and is also known to those who experience astral states of awareness.
First it is necessary to understand that energy does more than vibrate, it spirals and during life it is this spiralling energy of emotion and activity that holds us to the physical body. Continue reading

Stress – a modern illness

Balance Between Mental and Physical Activity.

There are increasing reports of young people committing violent crime such as children shooting children or being violent towards each other. This stress and he tendency towards violence as a way of releasing emotion is on the increase. It is as if some great destructive force has taken over the minds of the young and programmed them for destructive purposes. Continue reading