Zu viel Wasser trinken kann schädlich für die Gesundheit sein

Dr Margaret McCartney Of Glasgow UK writing in the British Medical Journal says that the current advice to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water each day is ‘not only nonsense but thoroughly debunked nonsense’. She adds that there is no evidence that this will keep us healthy and the benefits of water are often exaggerated.
She also adds that drinking water Continue reading



Malcolm, I have a friend who has had a stroke which has paralised his left side. Is it possible, with healing, to help him recover and overcome his disabilities?


The problem with this situation is not knowing Continue reading


I usually do not touch the subject of diets because there is so much advice on the subject but that is exactly why I am going to say something about it. Too much of anything can be confusing but so that you don’t think I am going to give you another complicated diet, or starvation plan let me assure you that what I am about to suggest is Continue reading

Die Sprache des Körpers

It is well known that many diseases are caused by the sub conscious mind creating physical symptoms even though no disease exists. It does this to attract attention to a situation of unhappiness, insecurity or disharmony in its life. It is called body language.
Everyone communicates with their body as easily as they use speech. Eye, hand and body movements are well known as a form of communication.
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Emotions, muscles, joints – part 2

The influence of emotions on muscles and joints: Kathy lived for her horses. At every opportunity, she would be out riding, hunting, or competing in equestrian contests. Her enthusiasm and enjoyment, however, had for years been impeded by constant pain in her lower back and across her shoulders. Sometimes, the discomfort was so intense that Continue reading

Die Energien der Gesundheit

Complementary medicine is on the rise. Every year new ideas, systems and therapies are put forward as the latest and better way to overcome physical and emotional health problems. Various surveys have shown that more people every year put their trust in a ‘natural’ cure for their problems before consulting modern medical advice or at least are known to be receiving some alternative therapy at the same time.

Why, as we move into the future of a medical world which more than ever before understands the workings of the body and mind are people putting their faith in complementary or alternative health care therapies? Perhaps in this world dominated by chemicals and technology it is time to Continue reading