Change still seems to be the big topic of the moment. Around the world, change is
happening at an ever increasing pace. Standards we once took for granted are being
challenged, environmental balance is changing and – on an individual basis – there is not
a lot we can do about it. Continents of people are on the move, species Continue reading

Mediation – part 3

Many of you will need no introduction to the standard Buddhist method of meditation. I don’t claim to be an expert in any area of this method. I find it time-consuming and, like all processes of spiritual enlightenment, there are new and easier ways Continue reading

Dream about the inner child

Question: What is the meaning of the following dream I had last night?

There was an elderly man and he said to me: you are not happy. I said no that’s not true, I’m happy. He said, no; deep inside you I can see it but the girl at your side doesn’t want to leave you. She wants to stay with you. Continue reading

Spiritual dream

I had a dream last night. Could you please explain it to me?

There was a half circle of men on my right side? They all were wearing black clothes and their eyes were painted black. I saw my man was caught in this energy. I looked into their eyes and they soaked up all my energy.   They had no reaction when I looked at them but sucked out my energy so I turned away. Continue reading

Question about intrusive energy

I meditate to know why I always feel stressed when I wake up. I saw the grey body of a person I know – he’s someone I had to work with. I used to avoid him, because he always gave me his problems and I couldn’t protect myself. Continue reading

Levels of perception

Have you ever noticed how people who have no awareness for spiritual sight, who lack the Malcolm_Southwood_educubeability to see auras, energy around people, or unable to feel, hear and communicate with those who have died, ridicule those who can, Continue reading