Body language


For the last 8 years, my sister-in-law has been having strong headaches in the front of her head. They started about a week after a treatment of the atlas, along with a glandular fever. Until now, all therapies have failed. She is hardly able to live her day to day life and came to see me. I have the feeling that there is a lot of shock throughout her body. Continue reading

Aura colours


Malcolm, can you please tell me what aura colours mean? I’m told I use them in my paintings.


The colours in your surface aura represent what you are thinking, or feeling, at any one time. But, beneath these colours there are your deeper soul desires or wishes. These can only be seen from the spiritual level. Continue reading

Question about intrusive energy

I meditate to know why I always feel stressed when I wake up. I saw the grey body of a person I know – he’s someone I had to work with. I used to avoid him, because he always gave me his problems and I couldn’t protect myself. Continue reading

Question about colours


I have a question concerning the colours which you have seen with someone who has died. You said he was first completely surrounded with lilac; with red and green mixed with lilac. Please, what colours exist and what do they mean? Continue reading

Traum über fürsorgliche Liebe, Traum von einem Spatz

Question 1:
Some time ago, I had a dream I have not forgotten. We were traveling, and as I looked down on myself, I had 3 “X’s” over my left breast. What could it have meant?

Question 2:
I had a dream and would like to know what it means: I opened my window, and a sparrow flew directly into my room and onto my index finger. And he held on tight with his claws. Continue reading


I have been alone since my husband left me, and I am desperate to find someone to share my life and emotions with, someone of similar energy. I wonder what I am doing wrong, it is so difficult to attract the right man and when I do meet someone, they are not really interested in sharing, just taking. Do you have any advice?

This is never an easy situation for anyone who is alone and very much wants a partner. Continue reading

Emotionen, Trauer, Selbstmitleid

Thank you so much for your big help today. Coming home, many tears came up and quite a few moments came back into memory, when I remembered things people had said and done to me. In listening to what you have told me today, I have to ask if emotion is in reality an ego theme; sadness in reality self-pity? If this is so, why does it hurt? Is getting angry and being impatient also an ego thing?

You are a little too hard on yourself. It’s really not important what others say or do. It’s what you believe about yourself that is important. You can only ever really know yourself and your own shadows. Continue reading

Question about killing

I have been reading your book “Teach me how to Love”, which I really like. In chapter 6, you explain to Chrissie that it depends on your thoughts whether it is right to kill or not. I hardly can kill anything, neither a cat, nor a fly, nor a spider. Most people kill flies without thinking. A farmer kills snails because they would eat his vegetables; is a human life more important than the life of a fly? Would you kill a fly because it annoys you, and would you do the same to a cat?

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Frage über Engel

What’s your opinion on angels?
I keep reading different things about angels and archangels. In which level are they at “home”, and can we ask them for help? Sometimes I have a bit of a problem believing in them, since they were part of my childhood like Little Baby Jesus and the Easter Bunny: Whenever I did something “bad”, I was told my guardian angel would end up crying. Continue reading