There are no such beings as ‘Earth Angles’. Angels in the true sense never experience a physical life.  They are on a different evolutionary path to enlightened beings.

Enlightened beings are souls who have advanced beyond the need to reincarnate

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Karma is generally known to be a term used to describe the effect of everything we do or think. What we do is the cause and the result is the effect. Obviously, the effect – in its turn –  becomes the cause. You cannot think nor do something without causing a reaction, and so your actions or thoughts become the next cause, and so it goes on.

Everything you do or think creates Continue reading

Traum von toten Personen

Some weeks ago, I had two dreams. They have not let me go so far, and I don’t know what they mean.

Dream 1: I live with my family on a farm. It is not my real family, only in this dream. We are hunted by wolves, and flee in a car. As the wolves won’t let us go, someone starts to shoot. The shot almost hits grandfather, Continue reading

Religious principles

The Ten Religious Principles;
As they were, as they are, as they might be.
A personal reflection.

I have always avoided discussions regarding the different aspects of religion or philosophical belief systems. What someone believes is the better way to live or the correct religion for their circumstances is a very personal decision. There is no right or wrong, provided Continue reading