My friend’s dream

Can you please explain my friend’s dream? First she was on a journey with her whole family then she lost them in the forest. Then she went into a foreign car and her aunt who was leading her, she wanted to go to her friend. But she did not know who her friend was and where she was. Then 2 ex boyfriends appeared.  Then she got out of the car Continue reading

Dream about the inner child

Question: What is the meaning of the following dream I had last night?

There was an elderly man and he said to me: you are not happy. I said no that’s not true, I’m happy. He said, no; deep inside you I can see it but the girl at your side doesn’t want to leave you. She wants to stay with you. Continue reading

Spiritual dream

I had a dream last night. Could you please explain it to me?

There was a half circle of men on my right side? They all were wearing black clothes and their eyes were painted black. I saw my man was caught in this energy. I looked into their eyes and they soaked up all my energy.   They had no reaction when I looked at them but sucked out my energy so I turned away. Continue reading

Traum über fürsorgliche Liebe, Traum von einem Spatz

Question 1:
Some time ago, I had a dream I have not forgotten. We were traveling, and as I looked down on myself, I had 3 “X’s” over my left breast. What could it have meant?

Question 2:
I had a dream and would like to know what it means: I opened my window, and a sparrow flew directly into my room and onto my index finger. And he held on tight with his claws. Continue reading

Frage zum Selbstmord

A question on suicide:

You once told us during a lecture that, when someone has committed suicide, the person will stay in a grey place for as long as the earthly life would have lasted.
1. But what happens if someone rejects life-prolonging therapies? Is it wrong from a spiritual standpoint to choose death when modern science could save that life?
2. What do you think about euthanasia with regards to very ill people? Continue reading

Traum von der Hölle/Traum über eine Klippe

What is the meaning of the following two dreams?

Dream 1:
I am in hell; someone is aiming a pistol at me. We are working in this hell, knowing we are the last survivors. I am not alone, there’s someone with me. I am in fear. I am wearing a long, wide gown. I am at the entrance into this hell, on top of a hill and always with someone else. I am in fear. Continue reading

Traum von etwas abgehalten zu werden

What do these dreams mean?
1. I was driving on a very insecure street and then I end up driving in front of a bridge. The street is full of public buses, which are used by workers going to the office.
2. I had another dream on Saturday: Continue reading

Traum im Bett rotieren zu müssen

What is the meaning of this dream? My instinct is telling me to turn in bed to the right, then on my belly to the left and then on the back, and that I have to go on like this. Suddenly, I see a picture: 4 straight lines and 4 crossed lines which are erected like a grid. And they are Continue reading

Dream of an unfamiliar place

I had a dream of an unfamiliar place. I was in some rather wide space (I don’t remember this part that well) and a certain strong force wanted to get me (and others) to move from there to another, unfamiliar new place. I resisted this and managed to hide and avoid meeting the force, Continue reading

Traum von toten Personen

Some weeks ago, I had two dreams. They have not let me go so far, and I don’t know what they mean.

Dream 1: I live with my family on a farm. It is not my real family, only in this dream. We are hunted by wolves, and flee in a car. As the wolves won’t let us go, someone starts to shoot. The shot almost hits grandfather, Continue reading