Spleen and energy

Many of you had questions and remarks concerning my article which was about transfering energy by holding the hand over the spleen.
A veterinary surgeon, who is specalized on small animals told me, that the spleen of dogs is expanding during an operation. And as a medical doctor affirmed also the spleen of humans is expanding during surgery. Now the question is if this is releated to stress and energy.

One function of the spleen is to act as an energy-reservoir and to balance a sudden energyl oss. When energy is generated but can not be released the spleen ist expanding. This is one of the reasons why many big dogs in Germany suffer of a rupture of the spleen. These big dogs need a lot of escape and until a short time ago they had the opportunity to walk free. Now there is a new law that demands that hey hat to be leashed. Especially affected are the big dogs

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