A course in emotional management – part 5

Now you need to move your position. Emotion is stored, for want of a better word, in the solar plexus area of the body. Move to the right side of the client and put your right hand over that area of the client – no need to touch. The energy from your right hand being electric, a force will move the emotional energy upwards. This is where the panic attacks have been coming from. You will not be inducing panic as you release the trauma, unless the trauma was truly horrific. But there is a way to deal with this to reduce the emotion, as I will explain later.

The left hand will be around the area of the top of the spine. This moves the subconscious memory up and into the logical awareness, so that memory surfaces. This will be your position as you continue the memory release. As you change positions, having decided that the patient is in a mild hypnotic state, you will instruct them to see their feet. Why the feet? For no other reason than it is a good starting place, you can learn a lot from what they tell you about their feet and you need to begin somewhere that is not threatening.

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