A course on emotional management – part 6

By this time you will have created a big emotional situation of love, self-respect and freedom to fulfil their potential for happiness. Now we need to move out of this situation, so change the tone of what is being said to a lighter level: ‘Ask your little girl if you take her shopping what little gift would she like you to buy her?’ After a few moments of silence, they usually smile and say the child would like an ice-cream, something for the hair – perhaps a doll, especially if they were lonely as a child. Boys will want a car, a toy of some kind. Whatever the need, it will be directly associated with the childhood need to be appreciated, look pretty, feel special. Tell them to promise the child they will buy them what is wanted. This has the effect of bringing the session to a close. Now tell them you are going to count to three, then they will open their eyes and know they are free, the past is finished and over, and they are completely in control – physically, emotionally and spiritually; ‘one, two three.’

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