Emotional causes of health disorders

I realise that others have written extensively on the various emotional causes behind common health problems such as Parkinson’s disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and other life-changing health disorders. However, I am repeatedly asked to give my views and experiences on the many health conditions I am asked to treat, and so – knowing that there can be many reasons why someone is suffering – I will outline my own views, based on personal experience. Please understand, I am not a doctor and have no medical knowledge, and just because someone may have a particular emotion, it does not in any way indicate that a physical problem will follow.
In the last 30+ years I have treated around 30,000 people across America and Europe, in hospitals and in private practice, and though I am now working fewer hours, I still see over 600 people each year. The one thing I have learned during this time is that everyone is unique, and reaction to an emotional crisis will vary depending on the attitude and emotions of the individual.

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