Emotions, muscles, joints – part 2

The influence of emotions on muscles and joints: Kathy lived for her horses. At every opportunity, she would be out riding, hunting, or competing in equestrian contests. Her enthusiasm and enjoyment, however, had for years been impeded by constant pain in her lower back and across her shoulders. Sometimes, the discomfort was so intense that she supplemented her normal painkillers with morphine, all of which, I hasten to add, had been medically prescribed. Aside from the drugs, the only help her doctors could offer was to advise bed rest. When she came to see me, she was stiff and unable to bend. Her pain was acute.

I asked her to stand for the healing treatment; and soon, she was involuntarily falling backward. As this process began, she entered a state of extreme anxiety. Obviously, she harbored a subconscious fear, almost a terror, of anything that suggested even leaning backward.

While immersed in this panic, she began to recall an accident she’d had as a little girl. Suddenly the whole memory released itself; she had fallen backward down a full flight of stairs.

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