A course in emotional management – part 1

Most people live their lives through an emotional experience which begins in some small way before birth but is greatly added to from the moment of birth through to puberty. After puberty we continue to add to our emotional experiences, but the foundation for life and our reaction to physical and emotional stimuli have mostly already been set in the first fourteen to fifteen years.So, what is emotion? It is the plaything of the sub-conscious, which begins to build itself into the physical some 10 weeks after conception; it is anything you like or dislike. The spirit does not completely join with the life of the developing child until birth, though it associates with it from the beginning. It is only at birth that we become the complete human being, the make-up of which is the spirit, the subconscious and the physical. In these few pages I will not discuss the role of either the spirit or the physical shell, except where they are under the control of the sub-conscious through the medium of emotion.
The sub-conscious is incredibly

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