Birds of passage

I was watching little birds of passage, knowing that soon they will leave this place and fly to a brighter, warmer world.

They will follow a path of feathers left by forgotten wings that travelled this path in earlier times.

Nature needs neither clock nor calendar to know its place in the timelessness of its day, and when their time of rest is done, the little lives will return to this darker, colder life to learn afresh what they thought forgotten.

Such is our life. In older years, friends and family prepare to depart or have left along a path trodden by unnamed numbers before them. Work and love was their prayer for guidance to a greater world.

The swallow does not fear the journey; she does not need a map or clock to know the way or when to depart… She just trusts. That greater love than hers will set the time and show the way.  A journey all will follow when Nature’s timeless clock ticks up the hour.

But beware you do not try to stay the hand of nature’s clock, or hold back those whom Nature calls for the waiting place of those who miss the call to follow, to have a darker night before they again can lift in flight.